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handmade, repurposed paper goods

Welcome to Ms. Figgie Paper—my home for functional paper craft. I create handmade envelopes, postcards, and note papers from repurposed materials.

These stationery items began as wrapping paper, gift bags, wallpaper, tissue boxes, posters, books, and any other lovely thing I happen to come across.

I started making my own envelopes because I love the “treasure-hunt” of finding a gorgeous photo spread in a magazine or funky scrap paper in a catalog and turning it into something new. I think these spontaneously found art pieces should be used and out in the open rather than hidden and forgotten. I’m learning to be resourceful with my creativity and consumption. Ms. Figgie Paper is a venture in all of these efforts—intentional design, environmental responsibility, art access and discovery, connection, fun, whimsy. May you be inspired as well.

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holidays & seasonal stationery

Check in throughout the year for themed sets (I love giving stationery packs as gift ;)

custom orders

I love making your ideas a reality! If you want a personalized set of stationery, whatever the occasion, let’s talk about a custom order.